Once the pre-action protocol requirements have been followed and the deadline for the debtor to pay the outstanding balance has passed, if the debt still remains unpaid a money claim may then be issued to obtain a county court judgement (CCJ).

The money claim procedure does not usually involve a court hearing unless the claim is defended and or counterclaimed. If the debtor does not respond, you’ll obtain a default judgement (County Court Judgement) for the debt claimed. In some cases, debtors respond but do not defend or counterclaim the claim you make, they may propose a payment plan affordable to them which you may agree to, counter offer or decline.Once the judgement is obtained you may then enforce that judgement, this can be done by different methods which you find on our Enforcement page.

If you want to issue a money claim for rent arrears, but the tenant still resides in your property, you should read our section 8 page, as there is a procedure under which you can seek a possession order to evict your tenant and claim for any debt owed under the tenancy at the same time.

We offer a fixed fee for money claims which is £299 + The court fee. The court fee to issue a money claim differs depending on the amount claimed for, a list of the court fees are below, the online claim is more time and cost effective but cannot be used where the debt exceeds £100,000.

pre-action protocol for private landlords
Possession claim procedure for eviction

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