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Landlord Advice Helpline – Gas Safety Certificate – A landlord by law must have a current Gas Safety Certificate, this is applicable if the property has gas appliances. The Landlord gas safety certificate must be renewed each year. A landlord gas safety  certificate can only be carried out by a Gas Safe registered gas engineer. You must give the tenant a copy of the gas certificate before they move into the let property. This must be done within 28 days of the inspection.

Landlord Advice Helpline – Energy Performance Certificate – every property must have an up to date EPC which provides a rating of the property’s energy efficiency. A copy of the EPC should be given to the tenant on or before letting the property.. The EPC is valid for ten years. Landlords with properties in the poor energy efficiency bands of F and G will not be permitted to let the property after April 2018.

Landlord Advice Helpline – Deposit – if you are demanding a prospective tenant for a deposit, be aware of the legal requirements of the tenant deposit scheme. You must protect the tenant’s deposit in one of the deposit schemes. You are required to give the deposit certificate and other documents to the tenant and or anyone who paid toward the deposit, within 30 days of receiving the deposit. If you fail to comply with your legal obligations a tenant could claim upto 3 times the value of the deposit from you. Further you will not be able to serve a section 21 notice until you have fully complied with the tenant deposit legislation.

Landlord Advice Helpline – HMO House Multiple – check with local Council’s if you require a Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licence. Some Councils are now introducing further licensing schemes for landlords.

For Wales, the Welsh government has introduced a licencing scheme throughout the principality. Landlords should have registered by November 2016.

The requirements to let a property is comprehensive. The above points are just a few points. Please click the links below to read more:

Section 21




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