Landlord Advice UK is one of the leading tenant eviction companies in the UK. If you want to evict a tenant, our service is quick, efficient and competitive. We lead the way with evictions. We help landlords and agents nationally with a guaranteed eviction service. We have a high eviction success rate. 

Landlord Advice UK have 6 advice lines specifically for UK landlords. You can speak to one of our lawyers directly for free legal advice, absolutely free.

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Landlord Advice UK expertise in property law has not brought only landlords and agents to us, but also solicitors and others in the legal profession.


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Why are Landlord Advice UK different to other firms?

Landlord Advice UK is not just an eviction company, Landlord Advice UK specialise in property law, and our impartial advice can prove the same beyond doubt. We lead the way with tenant eviction Nationally because of our knowledge and success in helping landlords and agents.

We help private landlords, letting agents and corporate landlords with residential & commercial property-related issue’s.

Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, a lot has changed; the government has passed legislation under the Corinavirus Act where the eviction process and the notice period for sections 8 & 21 have changed.

The tenant eviction process is more complex during the coronavirus pandemic. It is important landlords are aware of their legal rights.

The notice period under section 8 notice has changed the rent arrears required has increased too.

Can I evict the tenant if I lost my agreement?

Yes, you can still evict a tenant in the absence of a written tenancy agreement. Can I evict a tenant without a tenancy agreement? This is a common question for many property professionals.

We can assess the arrangements between the parties to determine the type of tenancy. Then we can serve the proper eviction notice; the tenancy will likely be the default tenancy agreement, an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement. If you want to evict a tenant, ring our lawyer for free legal advice.

I live abroad, can you still handle my case?

Yes, we deal with many overseas landlords and gain possession of their property in their absence and keep them up to date through the legal process. We can even secure the property after the eviction. We can deal with your possession claim from start to finish.

We are happy to explain and give you expert advice free of charge on the eviction process and any legal issue you may have. If you want to evict your tenant, contact one of our lawyers for free legal advice for expert advice.

How can you guarantee an eviction?

Our expertise and knowledge in property law allow us to guarantee landlords and letting agents eviction. In most cases, it is a matter of legal compliance and accuracy that determines if we can guarantee eviction.

Where legal compliance has been an issue for the landlord. We can advise and assist compliance with relevant legislation to enable a successful eviction.