Guide to Serving Notice in Wales A “Standard Contract” is the most common agreement between a private landlord and tenant of residential property. This is the agreement that replaced assured shorthold tenancies on 01 December 2022. Existing assured shorthold tenancies converted to “Standard Contracts” automatically on this date. Tenants are now called “Contract-Holders” under the […]

Does the tenancy deposit schemes apply in Wales? Following the implementation of significant changes in Wales to housing law, many landlords have been left with many question marks as they begin to relearn their legal obligations and the new terminology. One issue in particular that many landlords have been enquiring with our legal team about […]

Rent Homes (Wales) Act 2016 From 1 December 2022, everyone who rents a home in Wales will have an ‘occupation contract’. An occupation contract is the agreement between tenant or licensee called the ‘contract-holder’ – and their landlord. This follows from the enactment of the Rent Homes (Wales) Act 2016. Most people who rent their […]