Can a joint tenant drop out? A common question that arises from landlords and also letting agents is whether or not a joint tenant can surrender their tenancy and what impact this has on the other tenant. Historically, where more than one-person owned land, they owned the land either in common or jointly. Common ownership […]

Take Notice!

18th July 2019 0

Hammersmith & Fulham LBC v Monk [1991] UKHL 6 (05 December 1991)  Though old, this case concerned the effect of a notice to quit  given by one joint tenant without consent of the other joint tenant in relation to a periodic tenancy. Mr Monk and Mrs Powell held a periodic tenancy as joint tenants at […]

The Letting of Boats

6th June 2019 0

Renting boats may at first instance seem the same as letting property which is part of land, such as a house. However, the problem some landlords have faced is the determination of whether renting a boat creates a tenancy or a license. A tenancy creates interest in land, as the courts have found, a boat […]