Landlord online training Courses

Landlord courses are a beneficial source of knowledge. Landlords can use the knowledge to make managing their properties easier, efficient, and that much more profitable.

If you are not a British Landlord Association member yet, the membership is free; why not join us now.

Knowledge is king, to know how to avoid pitfalls, to know your options in certain situations, and the consequences so you can prevent problems, save money and time.

Accreditation is the best way for landlords to prove they are aware of their legal responsibilities for the rental sector.

Most courses take between 60 minutes to 90 minutes to complete. You can start, take a break, and come back to complete your course at your leisure. You have access to a tutor should you need it.

These courses are suitable for prospective residential property landlords, private landlords, corporate and letting agents.

Benefits of Accreditation for UK Landlord

The British Landlords Association often offer their members Free online courses; these courses, like all BLA courses, include a certificate upon passing the exam.

They invite all their members to ensure they are on their mailing list to be aware of the courses that are released as a free offer!

The “Landlord COVID-19 Course” is usually £99; however, you can buy the online courses at a discount of £60.

By members taking the COVID-19 online training will count towards their Accreditation.

Take the foundation course after you have done the COVID-19 course. You will qualify to be an Accredited British Landlord Association member.

Al course content is changed, added, or amended weekly. This is necessary due to frequent changes in legislation at little or no notice.

The Foundation course will help landlords & Agents with:

  • Types of tenancy available and which one to use, when & how
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • How to vet prospective tenants
  • Step by step guide to landlord property management activities
  • Awareness of responsibilities of Landlords
  • Repairs, disrepairs, and Schedule of condition
  • Tenancy deposit scheme management

Section 21 Notice Compliance

Various legislation is tied to the section 21 notice; getting it wrong will mean your section 21 notice is invalid. In case of possession proceedings, your claim for possession could fail. Just some of the things you will need to provide and be compliant with for an Accelerated possession claim include:

  • A copy of an EPC for the property
  • Gas Safety Certificates where appropriate
  • The current version of the DCLG Booklet on “How to Rent.”
  • A current Tenancy Agreement
  • A correctly served S21 notice with proof of service.
  • Details of the deposit protection where applicable
  • Proof of service of the prescribed information notice
  • Details of the tenancy licensing arrangements if applicable.

The BLA eviction course is helpful for landlords and agents to adopt good practices and awareness of recent legislation.

(RSW) Rent Smart Wales training Courses 

The British Landlords Association will soon offer Rent Smart Wales online training courses. RSW preparation courses will be freely available to all BLA Welsh members.

The Rent Smart Wales preparation courses are specifically set to help Welsh landlords. These courses aim to supply training to deliver relevant, up-to-date information for landlords & Letting agents so they can successfully manage tenancies lawfully.