Debtor Tracing

Whether you want to serve a notice of intended court action or you already have a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against the debtor, if you do not know the debtor’s whereabouts, this information must first be obtained.

When carrying out a trace, there is no guarantee of a successful result, if you are tracing a debtor who had recently been evicted from a residential property you can substantially increase the chance of a successful trace by waiting at least 6 weeks from the date the debtor was evicted. 

What is Debtor Tracing?

Debtor tracing services aim to locate the address of a debtor whose whereabouts is not known. There are reasons to need to trace a debtor, such as where a landlord wishes to pursue a former tenant for unpaid rent, but does not know the former tenants new address to take action. A debtors address is required to enable documents to be served on the debtor to initiate legal action, and also to take enforcement action. 

Most tracing companies are effective and quick to find up to date information about the debtor. Most tracing companies have access to very reliable location and information software tools. So that they can find the debtor faster, saving you time and stress.

How Does Debtor Tracing Work?

Debtor tracing companies work by extracting data from internal and external sources. This data provides them with the tenant’s recent credit activity and links them to any address and telephone that they may be using.

The database can provide them with a full financial profile and credit activity without ever leaving an electronic footprint.

Proper debtor tracing services obtain data in an ethical manner and all systems use only GDPR compliant techniques to find individuals legitimately.

There are various companies that offer debtor tracing. One of our partners is Vilcol, the leading debtor tracing agent in the UK. You can find out more about Vilcol on our Partners Network page. 

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