Ban on Evictions

The Government’s new lockdown rules 

The Prime Minister made an announcement on 10 May 2020 concerning the lockdown rules.

In summary, the lockdown rules have not been lifted, but have been updated. The Prime Minister urged for those who cannot work from home, to go back to work. However, the PM stressed that to prevent a second wave of the coronavirus, the nation must continue to stay alert, limit contact and continue social distancing.

This announcement may see a fall in the number of tenants falling into rent arrears as more businesses start to re-open and employees are back to work.
As for the operation of the courts, the current suspension on possession claims is due to end on 27 June 2020 unless the Ministry of Justice extends the suspension further.

As we get closer to 27 June 2020, the courts are likely to start listing current possession claims for court hearings which may be held by telephone conference calls or other electronic communication rather than physical hearings in court.

A recent court protocol confirmed that the available methods for remote hearings include (non-exhaustively) BT conference call, Skype for Business, court video link, BT MeetMe, Zoom and ordinary telephone call. But any communication method available to the participants can be considered if appropriate. We previously wrote on the court’s protocol for remote hearings.

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Date: 11th of May 2020

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